My projects

Currently I’m undertaking the following projects:

Preparing for the Munro Mission 2023 and keeping fit through ultra trail running, road cycling, mountain biking, gravel biking, hill-walking and bootcamping.

September 30th – October 7th. Training and coaching team of entrepreneurs hiking the Congo Nile Trail in Rwanda. The hike is 124,9k and starts in Kamembe with finish in Gisenyi.

September 2024, Megarace. Running 1.001 km nonstop in the middle of europe. You will run through Germany – Czech Republik and Austria. There is no longer race on a marked hiking path on this plane.

December 2024 – Chairman of Foundation Atlantic Stormtroopers. In December 2024 Anique van Walsum and Saskia Villanueva will take part in the toughest rowing race in the world: The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. They will row from Canary Island La Gomera to Caribbean Island Antigua. A journey of almost 5000 kilometers (3000 miles) in a rowing boat across an open, unpredictable Atlantic Ocean. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat is about extreme teamwork, confidence, pushing mental and physical limits, as we row in two-hour rowing shifts around te clock for over a month. In my role I will advise them in fundraising and media exposure for sponsors.

Founder and ambassador of The Green Runner Movement, convincing people to take one piece of litter from the trails every time they are in the Great Outdoors.

Slowly chipping away at my books…

(online) speaking engagements

March 8th. Presentation for a group of entrepreneurs about the why behind expeditions.

June 17th. Training and coaching a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs hiking the Congo Nile trail in Rwanda end of september.

June 27th. UMC Utrecht. My experiences with food and drinks during extreme sports challenges for students following extra courses.

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