Inspirational movie; Dream, Dare, Share, DO! (English subtitles)

Dutch businessmen Paul Kamphuis and Jan Fokke Oosterhof have long dreamt of an expedition to the South Pole – and in 2006 they finally decided to make it a reality. Their five year project would involve extensive preparation, seeking sponsors as well as organising training for the freezing conditions they will face when the expedition actually begins.

It’s an epic challenge and one which the men want to be an inspiration for others to act on their own dreams. A multi-lingual website been created to encourage people to share their ideas and experiences. 

“We are Frozen Dreams, an initiative of two Dutch businessmen to inspire people to live their dreams,” Kamphuis says. “The message we’re sending is, ‘dream, share, dare, do’. While we’re telling this, we do it ourselves. If you have a dream, share it with others. We share our experience with others. So we share our dream, but we also make it happen.” 

This dream will also be broadcast with the entire project, from inception to conclusion, covered with a Frozen Dreams documentary and there will also be updates broadcast as the project progresses.

First Experience of a Polar Storm In 2007, Kamphuis and Oosterhof had their first polar training expedition in Greenland and took with them a HVR-V1E HDV camcorder. The objective was to spend a month on the ice cap, pulling sledges over 570 kilometres. But as it transpired, within a few days they hit a Polar storm, a Pitoraq, which kept them tent-bound for four days followed by three days of white out – which meant they had no visibility at all. After that, they did continue their journey, though they fell short of their initial aims. Despite the harshness of the conditions, they kept filming with the HVR-V1E, which worked even at temperatures of -40°C. Footage was sent via satellite to broadcasters in the Netherlands and a 65 minute documentary was also made on their return. Some of the images made it into the Top25 adventureres of all times (SBS6) and their documentary won an international outdoor film festival in Ireland.

Category of adventurers and explorers that defies being categorised, for those who don’t know the meaning of stop, end, rest, these tireless maniacs are a rare breed indeed…

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